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I lead Movement & Music  Workshops  for different  groups,

especially for musicians, dancers, children, therapists  and creative people.  

I help them to express themselves  into the movement and

to show the music thought the movement.

I  try to open participants to a freedom of expression.

 I use two methods on my classes: The Dalcroze Method &

TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process Method and different dance techniques.  

But especially my own experiences and ideas.

During the workshops I use live music and electronic music.

My classes are the physical laboratory,

offering a wide and rich practice / experience through the senses,

the articulation of movement in time and space and the imagination.

WE show music through the movement.


The body as an instrument suggests

an intense attitude of perception and exploration.

In many respects it allows the body and its plural systems to guide us,

live, behave and create in synchronization with

our visions, perspectives and intelligence.


This is manifested through






colour of music

touch and resonance.


For detail information and ideas  please contact me.



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